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modle EQ3312GT
drive type  8*4
engine YC6A260-31  YC6A260-33
engine type  YC
fule type  dissle 
max horse  power 260
max torque 2300
bore*strock 108*132
clinder  6
work type  water cooled ,tuob incharge  inline ,direct injection,
apperence size (mm)(L*W*H) 9150,9250,9450*2480*3200
cargo box size (mm)(L*W*H) 6200,6500,6800*2200*1400,1340,1280
steal  thinkniss optional 
weelbase  1950+2850+1300     1950+2850+1350
front hang  1250
rear hang  1750  1800  1850  1900  2050  2100
min groung clearence  
gross weight  31000
curb weight  14785
paylode  30-40T
leaf spring   
departure angle 34
apporoch angle 35,36,37
steering  power steering
emission stander  EURO 3
displacement  7.255
transmission  manual
cultch  dry single 
fule tank capcity   
wheels  12
tire size   
  cab capacity  3
v max 95
  • Operator Comfort and Safety
      Adjustable steering column & seat promotes comfort and reduces fatigue.
      360 degree clear visibility.
      Back-up alarm.
      Sound suppressed air conditioned cab.
  • Always Reliable
      Reliable Yuchai engine & Dongfeng transmission.
      Parts, Attachments  and Service to Count on.
      Fuel heater for operating in cold environments.
      Excellent seals for dust/mud.
      Long history in Dongfeng family.
      Thick chassis plates with robust chassis and boom design for great torsion resistance World class suppliers of key components.
  • Easy to Maintain
      Easy engine access, convenient placement of key parts and fluid refill points.
  • Built for Efficiency
      Powershift for smooth strong gear changes.
      35 degree angle of articulation.
      Meets EU stage II/EPA tier 2 emission requirements.  ©2009-2011 Dongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.All Rights Reserved
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