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Tank overall size (L x W x H) (mm) 9270*2100*3215
Tank Capacity 58m³
power supply Weichai 4102
Power(kw) 40
Air Compressor 10
Alxe 16T*3
Shaft number 3
Wheelbase(mm) 1310+1310
Wheel track(mm) 1840/1840/1840
Tire number 12
Tire Size 11R22.5
Spring leaf 2010-10-10
Support device 2-18T
Tank Material thickness Q235 6mm
Tank Thickness 6mm
Air Compressor Wuhu Fuda 9m3
  • Excellent productivity
      Powerful breakout & traction force
      Advanced full hydraulic steering system
      Comfortable cab with air conditioner
      Fasth ydraulic cyde time
      High dump clearance
  • Built for Efficiency
       Powershift for smooth strong gear changes.
      40 degree angle of articulation for working in tight spaces., meets EU stage II/EPA tier 2 emission requirements
  • Easy to Maintain
      Easy engine access, convenient placement of key parts and fluid refill points
  • Always Reliable
       Reliable Yuchai engine & Dongfeng transmission.
      Parts, Attachments, and Service to Count on.
      Thick chassis plates with robust chassis and boom design for great torsion resistance.
      Fuel heater for operating in cold environments.
      Excellent seals for dust/mud.
      Long history in Dongfeng family.
      World class suppliers of key components.
  • Operator Comfort and Safety
      Adjustable steering column & seat promotes comfort and reduces fatigue.
      360 degree clear visibility.
      Sound suppressed air conditioned cab.
Excellent productivity
·Powerful breakout & traction force
·Advanced full hydraulic steering system
·Comfortable cab with air conditioner
·Fasth ydraulic cyde time
·High dump clearance  ©2009-2011 Dongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.All Rights Reserved
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