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Vehicle model EQ6105L3G Coach Bus without A/C
Manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Co.Ltd Dongfeng Bus Company
Overall dimension(mm) 10480x2490x3320
Seats  48+2
Max weight(Kg) 13600
Wheelbase(mm) 1915/1800
Front/Rear wheel track(mm) 2100/3130
Min turning diameter(m) ≤18
Max grade ability(°)  >28
Max speed(km/h) ≥110
Brake distance(m)(V=30km/h) ≤10
Fuel consumption(L/100km) ≤25
Fuel tank capacity(L) 260L
Engine model ISDE245-30   Euro 3
Engine position Rear
Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co.Ltd
Fuel type Diesel
Power/Max torque(KW/N.m) 890/1120-1700
Chassis model EQ6101RC3G
Manufacturer  Dongfeng Bus Chassis Co.Ltd
Axle number 2
Drive type 4x2
Tire number 6
Tire size 9.00R20
Driver’s seat High back adjustable driver’s seat, which can move from front & Rear
Passenger seat 48 seats, luxury seats 
Hand rail Bilateral public hand rail(included top roof, side window, passenger door, hand rail)
Interior  Ordinary interior
Instrument panel Luxurious instrument panel with peach wood decoration
Passenger door Double internal swing front & middle passenger door
Side window Bonding glass + sliding window
Hub cap Optional aluminum hub cap
Rearview mirror Manual rabbit ear type rearview mirror
Air-conditioner Optional internal, fully topping or half topping air conditioner
Warm braw Defroster
Audiovisual system Cassette player
  • Operator safety and comfort
      Ergonomically designed cab and ergonomic placement of instruments.
      Standard suspension adjustable seat. Sound proofed, air conditioned cab with excellent all around visibility.
      Durable easy to clean floor mat.
  • Reliable
      Arm has thicker plates and rock guard for higher  axles improve the center of gravity and increase  stability. 
      Parts, service and attachments you can count on.
      World class components used for key parts.
      Simple, proven and reliable negative flow control hydraulic system .
  • Easy to maintain
      "Easy engine access and key placement on key points.
      Battery on/off switch, Antifreeze tank, water tank  two stage air filter system, and A/C air inlet and more  maintainable from  left side door.
      Fuel filter,  Fuel pump, Fuel drain valve,  Hydraulic oil level.
      Engine oil filter, pilot filter , and more maintainable from right side door. 
      LCD monitor with essential info for maintenance checks."
  • Built for Efficiency
      Low fuel consumption engine with high power.
      Boom anti-drift function, stabilizes boom for precise operations.
      Minimal kick-back during swinging for comfort, control and damage prevention.
      Easy control pattern changes from ISO to BHL for your preference and for maximum productivity.
      Meets up to EU stage II/ EPA Tier 2 interim emission standards.  ©2009-2011 Dongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.All Rights Reserved
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