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Appearance Dimensions (mm): 11990×2500× 3850
Fam riding in size (mm):    9400,9600 ×2274× 2400
Wheelbase (mm):      1950+4250+1300 / 1950+4250+1350
The total mass (kg):  25060
Rated containde mass (kg): 11990 / 11925
Curb weight 12940
Engine model:   C300-20 / C280-20 / C260-20 / L300-20 / L280-20
Displacement / power  8300 / 221, 8300 / 206, 8300/191, 8900/221, 8900/206
chassis model DFL1251AX
Installment    E7
  • Operator Comfort and Safety
      Adjustable steering column & seat promotes comfort and reduces fatigue. 360 degree clear visibility.
      Defroster. Optional Emergency steering system.
      Optional Ride Control safer,smoother, and faster in rough terrain, also no lost loads. 
      FOPS/ROPS cab. Gear shift& attachment in FNR single joystick. Back-up alarm.
      Rearview Camera. Pressurized Sound reduction cab.
      AM/FM with MP3.  Cigarette lighter works as electrical outlet.
  • Always Reliable
      World-class Cummins engine & ZF transmission.
      Parts, Attachments, and Service to Count on.
      Hinge joint protected drive shaft. 
      Life time dual hinge taper rolling's distribute horizontal and vertical load effectively..
      Excellent seals prevent bearing damage in harsh  chassis plates with robust chassis and boom design for great torsion resistance.
      World class suppliers of key components.
  • Easy to Maintain
      Easy engine access, convenient placement of key parts and fluid refill points.
      Fault Diagnostic system gives fast accurate maintenance support.
      Optional Automatic lubrication. Dongfeng Wet disc braking system maintenance free.
      Dongfeng Wet disc axle maintenance free. Reversible Cooling Fan makes cleaning easy.
  • Built for Efficiency
      Low fuel consumption engine that doesn't sacrifice any power.
      World class and reliable ZF auto transmission with Kick down for energy saving and efficient operation.  . 
      Powershift for smooth strong gear changes.
      Torque converter matches engine efficiently. 
      Boom Kick-out & return to carry greatly  increases efficiency of repetitive loading tasks. .
      Optional  3 spool working valve. 40 degree angle of articulation for working in tight spaces.
      Meets EU stage IIIA/EPA tier 3 emission requirements.  ©2009-2011 Dongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.All Rights Reserved
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